Music, readings, and other recordings. This is some of my work on guitar, piano, alto and tenor saxophones, electronics, and voice.

Doubles (album)

Doubles (album)

An experimental noise EP using overdubbed tracking to multiply a duet into a quartet and occupy more range. Two sets of two takes superimposed. First time, tenor and lower pitched percussion. Second time, alto and higher pitched percussion. Allan Andre, saxophones. Mo...

Snakebite (album)

Snakebite (album)

An album of original solo songs for voice and guitar, with backup vocals overdubbed by myself and by Ivan Klipsten. Ivan was also the recording engineer. This was made in 2010 on analog tape at his Kit Kitchen portable studio, then based in New Orleans. Snakebite by...

Ex Lo

Piano improvisation by Allan Andre. Recorded May 2, 2016. Photograph by Allan Andre.

St. Raining Yellow

Allan Andre, guitar with Mohamed Kubbara, drums. Improvisation. Recorded at the New York University studios, June 6th, 2015.


Improvisation. Allan Andre, sax with Mohamed Kubbara, drums. Recorded at the New York University Studios, April 18, 2015.

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