Writing, for me, is not only an artistic pursuit but also a constant process of dialoguing with others and with myself. A lot of my thought unfolds through journaling, essays, manifestos, and reviews. Prose forms help me define and celebrate my diverse creative, political, and spiritual communities. A smattering of my personal contributions to these impersonal conversations can be found below.

On Denise Levertov

Denise Levertov is one of those rare poets I can call a “prophet” without a trace of irony. She is a figure difficult to place in a contemporary lineage, a woman who often seems to live outside of everyday time.

On Patricia Goedicke

I will forever remember how fate guided a burst of Patricia Goedicke’s last words into my body. I had just hitch-hiked to the Bay Area from Missoula (where, I found out later, Goedicke taught for over 20 years).

Memorial Day

Today the vast social mechanism of a government holiday springs into motion, with its brief moment of reverence for U.S. military veterans who are generally ignored.

Word for Word Winter Poetry with Kundiman

This post originally appeared in Bryant Park Blog On Tuesday, February 18th, three poets representing the Kundiman literary foundation appeared to read at Kinokuniya bookstore across from Bryant Park. April Naoko Heck, Purvi Shah, and Ocean Vuong shared a wealth of...

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