Spiritual Work

I offer several modalities of personalized spiritual work.

My main website for spiritual work is www.antareanjourneys.com

Thursday Transitions meditation group

Transitions is a small weekly meditation group in which you are encouraged to come exactly as you are. My goal in hosting this group is to help you discover that you already know how to meditate, regardless of how much formal study of the practice you have or haven’t done. You have the time and the willpower to activate this knowledge as well.

Come willing to be open about whatever is growing or changing for you, and I will gently facilitate deeper states of consciousness, energies, images, and meditations to expand and clarify your process on both an individual and group level. The group meets every Thursday from 7-8:30 at my home in New Orleans and on Zoom. It is by donation ($10 suggested).

* RSVP: Please send me an email asking to be on the weekly Transitions announcement list if you’d like to attend. *

Higher Self Integration

In intensive yet relaxing hour-long sessions, I offer an original way to integrate higher/deeper aspects of yourself with lower/shallower ones. Part meditation, part healing, these sessions are always transformative.

I prefer to offer them in a 5-session package designed to empower you to offer this same gift to yourself. Learn to meditate/heal in a completely new and creatively fulfilling way.

Creative Coaching

Feel stuck on a creative project? Want to move forward with work or play? Let’s grab some coffee while I help you enter your inspirations more deeply. You may be surprised to find that difficult aesthetic and conceptual problems that have troubled you for weeks, months, or years become workable with a little fresh energy over coffee or tea. You will leave feeling inspired, energized, and ready to work. Be ready to jot down fresh ideas. This service is on a sliding scale; I ask for $50-250 for a session, payable by cash or card. Timing is also flexible. Some sessions are done in twenty minutes while others take over an hour. Fast results are guaranteed.

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