Music, readings, and other recordings. This is some of my work on guitar, piano, alto and tenor saxophones, electronics, and voice.

Westword Live Cutup

Allan Andre- poetry. Improvised live on KVCU, 1190 AM. December 30, 2014. This is a mix of text that caught my eye as I turned the pages of the then-current issue of Westword newspaper… plus a few poets who happened to be walking around in my mind at that moment.

Him And Her by Ornette Coleman

Allan Andre, guitar. Improvised live on KVCU 1190 AM. December 30, 2014. This is “Him and Her” by Ornette Coleman. His composition is repeated twice at the beginning and end; the middle is my improvisation. Picture is of Ornette Coleman, photographer unknown.


JKS 30/30 Poetic Vision Series | by Allan Andre

Allan Andre Assortment – Drea’s Mambo

The Allan Andre Assortment, live at Naropa University, Boulder, CO 4/28/13. "Drea's Mambo" is not really a mambo, but it really is for Andrea. Allan Andre - alto saxophone, composition; Kevin Crouse - double bass; Max Grossman - Drums

I Would I Were A Hallelujah

Allan Andre, poetry and backup vocals. Ryan Burns, electric bass. Recorded by Neal Sullivan at Naropa University, October 2012. Original photo, text, and drawing, by Allan Andre.

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