Welcome, chaos

Ahh friend, I’ve been
expecting you. Sweet disorder

to my order. It’s hellish
being a complex life form.

Hellish and sweet. Some lust
becomes love; other lust returns

to the Earth. Swear to me
that you’ll complicate my life

and I’ll reason with elegant
simplicity that I can handle it.

Solo Music

“Alandra’s jazz saxophone was the perfect addition to our wedding. We saw him performing one night in Washington Square and asked him to come to our outdoor ceremony. He set the mood in a beautiful way. I think our guests loved him too. He came across as very sincere.” -Nichole S.

Typing Poetry

“[Alandra Markman] sits in front of a little black typewriter, his fingers dancing to the rhythm of youth that encapsulates Union Square. People watch in awe as his fingers move rapidly across the keys, inking life onto the blank page before him. Minutes later, a fresh poem is born.

Over the last six years, the 26-year-old street poet has composed more than 5,000 pieces throughout his career in New York City, often between Union Square and Penn Station. Occasionally, he asks people to share what’s on their mind. Other times, he tries to gauge their emotions simply through their presence while he listens for non-verbal cues. His poems are eccentric and cleverly strung together, often surprising his customers with abstract, sometimes personal details.” ~Carissa Gan

Large Ensembles

“Markman’s music shows a real generosity of spirit in all its strange iterations. He turns conventional ideas on their head in a way that also manages to communicate respect. While recklessness is his avowed musical creed, this is counterbalanced by a finely tuned sense of space. And for all the purely gestural material, his technique is often masterful, particularly at the piano. It will be exciting to see how he develops.” -Chad Turner


Creative and spiritual enlightenment with meditation teaching, energy work, and personal coaching. See further with your mind’s eye.

Allan Adre-87-ExpI am a poet. This means I make things (from the Greek poiein, “to make”.) Not just out of words, but also sounds, movements, images, and experiences. In conventional terms, this makes me a writer, musician, dancer, and meditation teacher. I do personalized spiritual and creative work. You can hire me to come to your event and create improvised poems (or music) on the spot. To book an event, please email me or use the event request form. I am based in Mount Shasta in Northern California, USA. If my travel and accommodations are covered, I will work anywhere in the world.

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