erupt into a sky                          
                                   you didn’t make
     but that pulls
                                   your ash upwards
     don’t blink,
                           for you are not awake,
     but are telling
                           the story of how you came to be,

     a metamorphosis
                                         of mind as much as body.
        earth will catch
                                        you, someday, but for now

       you drift
                         alone, untethered, the remnant
     of a great

                        explosion given you to contemplate

       whose pieces
                                 will never quite be picked up
         but will stay
                                 in motion, floating in defiance

        of all common sense.
                                                     this in itself

                   is the adventure
                                                you must live,
                                                                            an evolution
                                                you can choose
                as much as it is
                                                chosen in your name.

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