Inner Child

Mountain meadow, safe in the rainbow, all connections made. Lord of the princes. Calm before tenacity, where I was born and delight followed. We could only be so young by example. Here is my ray, infinitely long, stretching out within all...

Municipalized Messes

american poverty is a house full of junk, Ben says. the second vacuum,      the third picnic cooler. the how-to books.      an unread self-help section. the bric-a-brac stores at auction. “things you’d buy for your grandkids,”      antiques roadshow hopefuls. his...

Westword Live Cutup

Allan Andre- poetry. Improvised live on KVCU, 1190 AM. December 30, 2014. This is a mix of text that caught my eye as I turned the pages of the then-current issue of Westword newspaper… plus a few poets who happened to be walking around in my mind at that moment.

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