Allan Andre typing under trees

Here you can read some of my poetry, both improvised and composed, published and unpublished. Some is accompanied by video, audio, or artwork. Sharing or comments are welcome.

for the word “reify”.

                                                   in post-Marxist soup we brew funny...

a lovemaking at Litha

                                                   (for Kaye.) knowing nothing, we appear to do well as the summer orgasm approaches- we...

I Would I Were A Hallelujah

Allan Andre, poetry and backup vocals. Ryan Burns, electric bass. Recorded by Neal Sullivan at Naropa University, October 2012. Original photo, text, and drawing, by Allan Andre.

Three Vow

This poem originally appeared in Ashe #10 for Dirk 1.) That it’s the third time this has happened seems quite fitting. Walked randomly into some temple, expecting silent sitting and all at once the head monk says “Lights up!...

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