Told vs. Knowing.

                                               (for myself.)From birth to 17 I was told every daythat I was worthless. I knew better,but I couldn’t tell. I had no choice but to take itat face value with the part of me that spoke. The other part stayed silent. As...

How… can I Be (You) In The Window?

                         (for Mitch, who provided the title.)    
     hear him.
          he is you:
     “watch me.”
                                   a human buddha
                                        was a statue

American Gothic.

                          (for Mariah.) Soil leads to soil;     a blossom leads to petals falling;eating leads to digestionand to poisons, bodies spent. Uptown, a utopian farmhas taken root in an empty lot:residents fend off ratsto make of pavement, food- Eve was...

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