(for the husband-and-husband  team  at Sibling Rivalry Press.)

HERE you go                 -there you are

  sweetie,             and in counter-rhythm I will dance.

            Spring forth      from an offering of flowers

  and follow the sentiment     to its destination:     no

           tangent, but a whim blown forth        as a piece

 of pollen, as a message          to the warming earth

           to advance half a step        in the great revolution

 we know ourselves as.         I need the kickback

         from this shot            to fuel my bloodless coup

 and clip stems        in constant decoupage,      petals

         falling left and right         around our feet

 while young trees are born,      mature,        and are

         harvested for paper              collated into

a description of themselves             and reborn in

        compost.      the mind        re-works each gift

into an approximation         of where one stands
                                                                                          in time.

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