Spiritual Work

I offer several modalities of personalized spiritual work. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please email me.

Meditation Teaching

Meditation is a very open-ended term, and for me that’s part of its power. In the most basic sense, I teach about deeper layers of the mind. I lead meditations for individuals and groups that range from simple mindfulness exercises to visionary explorations. I received formal training as a teaching monk (osho) in the Japanese Zen tradition, but my highest authority comes from the Earth itself. I am a highly attuned intuitive channel and lightworker. My inner journeys include contact with animal guides, indigenous lifeways, Earth’s planetary consciousness, and extra-terrestrial/extra-dimensional beings. I am currently leading a regular group, Transitions, that meets from 6-8 on Thursdays at my house. This is by donation.

Higher Self Healing

In simple, relaxing, hands-off healing sessions, I can work with your subtle energies one-on-one. This practice can help you connect to your divine sources and natural power, aligning you with your truest self and most perfect intentions. We work in easeful silence. You may take any physical position that suits you, as the work will be happening on a non-physical plane. Direct experience with the deeper layers of your mind (for example, in meditation, prayer, or therapy) is helpful but not required. All mindsets and beliefs are welcome. Sessions take place at my Chelsea apartment, outdoors, or in a venue of your choosing. All I ask of you is your permission, about an hour of your time, and a donation that suits you. (If your finances are sound, please give generously for the next person. If not, no payment is expected.)

Creative Coaching

Feel stuck on a creative project? Want to move forward with work or play? Let’s grab some coffee while I help you enter your inspirations more deeply. You may be surprised to find that difficult aesthetic and conceptual problems that have troubled you for weeks, months, or years become workable with a little fresh energy over coffee or tea. You will leave feeling inspired, energized, and ready to work. Be ready to jot down fresh ideas. This service is on a sliding scale; I ask for $50-250 for a session, payable by cash or card. Timing is also flexible. Some sessions are done in twenty minutes while others take over an hour. Fast results are guaranteed.

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